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· Christians say that Jesus is God. Now God is immortal, then how can he die? Also, they must realize that "Dead" means lifeless and devoid of all powers. So if he died, then someone else had to bring him back to life, since he is devoid of all powers. Therefore, he can not be God.

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· Two of God's names are Man of Counsel and Man of Holiness. Now you know why Jesus kept calling himself the Son of The Man -- he was calling himself the son of God. Yes, Jesus is God's own biological son.

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· Jesus is NOT God. Mark "Why do you call me good?" Jesus answered. "No one is good—except God alone. he is telling you he is not God if he was he would have said he was good also, because they would have been talking about him

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· If Jesus is not God, then to worship Him plus worship another divine Being who is also called God would be polytheism (worship of more than one God). If Jesus is not a god, then to worship Him plus worship another divine Being who is God with a capital G would likewise be polytheism.

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Answers God Jesus Christ Jesus Is God Jesus Is God. Share: Email Using: Gmail Yahoo! Outlook Other. Jesus Christ Is God. Jesus must be viewed as God by virtue of the facts that He has the names of God, the attributes of God, and the authority of God; He does the works of God; and He is worshiped as triune God is an awesome God! Jesus Was Creator not Created. Does it really matter

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Jesus Possesses the Attributes of God . Jesus possesses attributes that belong only to God. Jesus is eternal. John affirms: “ In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. ” The word was in this verse is an imperfect tense, indicating continuous, ongoing existence.

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· Jesus Christ is revered by Christians as the Son of God and come Dec. 25 (and a little later for some other denominations) believers around the world will celebrate the founder and namesake of the world's largest religion. During his time on Earth, however, Jesus' followed a much older religion and based his beliefs on its teachings.

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· I think God exists, but people with low IQs have not been able to prove just that. Think about it. The burden of proof is on them, so they need to do research to uncover the truth, but to do such research, it'd require some knowledge of science that involves all subjects, but they lack anything related to science. a little more hard for them, don't you think? But I …

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Jesus did not cease to be in the form of God in the incarnation, but taking on the form of a servant He became the God-man. Jesus did not give up His divine nature. He may have given up or suspended the use of some of His divine privileges, for example: omnipresence or the glory that He had with the Father in heaven (John ), but not His

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Your question makes sense as so many believe Jesus is God. That would mean she gave birth to God. Jesus was praying to himself when he prayed, he lied when said he came to do God's will not his own since he was God, he lied when he said the Father is greater than he was since he was his own Father and the same God, and Mary the real god because she gave birth to him.

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Is Jesus God? Jesus must be viewed as God by virtue of the facts that He has the names of God, the attributes of God, and the authority of God; He does the works of God; and He is worshiped as God. We have also seen persuasive scriptural evidences for the doctrine of the Trinity. Our triune God is an awesome God! Jesus Christ and the Word

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Yahoo Answers: Answers and Comments for Is this proof that Jesus and God hate me ? [Religion & Spirituality] No, it is not. It is more likely genetic. Talk to a nutritionist to see how you can boost your metabolism. No, there's no guarantee.

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If God is a Trinity and we say Jesus is God, then we are saying that Jesus is a Trinity. But that is not true. So in one sense, the term "God" can be used to designate the totality of God as a Trinity, and in another sense, it deals with the divine nature. The correct answer is that Jesus is both divine and human. In other words, he is both God

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Yahoo Answers: Answers and Comments for So why is it Christian you think Jesus is a bubbling fool walking the only one holy and righteous? [Religion & Spirituality] Yeah, I don't get out much, either.

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God made everything and He sustains everything. The Trinity. God the Father, in the power of God the Holy Spirit and through the agency of God the Son Jesus Christ, created everything that exists. The doctrine of the Trinity is not derived from pagan beliefs but was developed from the plain teaching of Scripture. God is one Being in three Persons.

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The skeptic’s condemning cry often comes as, “Prove to me there is a God.” Usually the agnostic or atheist expects physical or scientific evidence for the existence of God, but when the Bible believer cannot point to a living being and say, “There is God,” the skeptic thinks he has won.

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Jesus is a good example of how a local idiot can coerce just about anyone to follow them, and all that they have to do is promise them streets of gold, mansions beyond the clouds, and all kinds of things that will never be found in a spiritual afterlife that is completely void of every known earthly and physical manifestation.

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Eph Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God, to the saints who are in Ephesus, and faithful in Christ Jesus. Eph Grace be to you, and peace from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Question: "Who is Jesus Christ?" Answer: Unlike the question “Does God exist?” very few people question whether Jesus Christ existed. It is generally accepted that Jesus was truly a man who walked on the earth in Israel years ago. The debate begins when the subject of Jesus’ full identity is discussed.

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Even the gospels are not sure. Mark's Gospel tells us that Jesus was the adopted by God as his son, and even has Jesus deny being God (Mark "Why call me good. There is none good but God

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· A comprehensive database of more than 36 jesus quizzes online, test your knowledge with jesus quiz questions. Our online jesus trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top jesus quizzes.

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Get biblical answers to common questions many Christians have about Christ our Savior. Many people have questions about Jesus and on this site you will find biblical answers to the most common questions asked about the birth and life of Christ, his ministry and disciples, and of course the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

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nicely, no comparable question does not choose for each relgion. Santa is in common terms a christian custom. different religions do no longer actually have a substitute to Santa. yet to respond to your question, as babies strengthen they get data that their mothers and fathers are those giving the presents.

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Yahoo Answers: Answers and Comments for Is God or Jesus the Holy Spirit? Jehovah's Witnesses please help I am having doubts? Thinking of converting to JW?

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12 Some people believe that Jesus and God are the same person. But that’s not what the Bible teaches. The Bible says that Jesus was created, which means that Jesus had a beginning. But Jehovah, who created all things, had no beginning. As God’s Son, Jesus never thought of trying to be God. The Bible clearly teaches that the Father is

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God through Jesus Christ created the universe and the is ists believe that the universe is billion years old

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Whoa!!! Hold on! Before doing anything drastic, please read the New Testament, starting with the Gospel of John; then Romans. The world is full of bad people as you've found out, but God loves you and will help you if you humbly ask Jesus Christ into your life as Lord and Savior.

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2) God does not owe you to personally guide you to a girlfriend. 3) God does not micromanage the universe. 4) Man, let alone, you, are not the center of God's universe. 5) The universe was not created for man. Get over that part of it. God has nothing to do with it. Take some personal responsibility, take a hard look, and choose.


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Some people think Jesus was a good man or a prophet, but not God. In this online Bible study, wou will read several verses that tell us although Jesus came to earth as a man, Jesus also is God.

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is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want

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Rather, your statement indicates that you do not believe that Jesus is God. A proper understanding of the biblical teaching that Jesus is both God and man will help resolve this issue. Allow me to quote the Westminster Confession of Faith to clarify what we mean when we speak of Jesus being God, or of the deity of Christ:

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Question: "Is Jesus God? Did Jesus ever claim to be God?" Answer: Some who deny that Jesus is God make the claim that Jesus never said that He is God. It is correct that the Bible never records Jesus saying the precise words, “I am God.” This does not mean, however, that Jesus never claimed to be God.

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"Fell In Love With A (Yahoo! Answers) Girl" While some of these e-hummers have to be joking, the sheer quantity of questions like these prove that there are people legitimately trying to figure out how to recreate music from random noises like they're in the most underprepared community theater version of The Sound Of Music ever. And yet that might make this the most beautiful corner of the

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Religion is a human construct, so yes it is quite in rituals, those who believe that there is only one religion, meaning that there is only one true religion handed down by whatever

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Yeah we can pray to God in the name of Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit. The reason why Catholics pray to Mary, and saints is because they have a closer relationship to God or supposedly at least. They devote their whole lives to God, but I mean we could too and thats why we are saints as well.

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· Billy Graham answers the question, "Who is Jesus?" in this unforgettable sermon in Chicago, Visit our website: Join ...

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In a Christian view, Jesus fulfills the role of Savior with what is called the Atonement. There are two major separations that keep us from returning to God: #1- Physical Death. - Since the

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The conclusion is inescapable: Jesus is God! Jehovah’s Witnesses respond by claiming the Greek text actually says “. . . the Word was a god.” They maintain Jesus is here revealed to be a god, not the God because the definite article (Gk. Ho, the) is not used before god (Gk. theos), when referring to Jesus. This line of reasoning has three

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The race and appearance of Jesus has been a topic of discussion since the days of early s theories about the race of Jesus have been proposed and debated. By the Middle Ages, a number of documents, generally of unknown or questionable origin, had been composed and were circulating with details of the appearance of these documents are mostly considered forgeries.

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Yahoo Answers: Answers and Comments for How will God undo the damage caused by the Devil? [Religion & Spirituality] Yes, full restoration of the Earth and its inhabiants is scheduled for the Thousand-Year Reign of Jesus Christ, at His Second Coming.

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His human mind was not replaced by his divine mind. Rather, he has both a human and divine mind. For these reasons, it can be misleading to use phrases such as “Jesus is God in a body” or “Jesus is God with skin on.” Jesus Will Be Fully God and Fully Man Forever. For most people it is obvious that Jesus will be God forever.

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· Jesus died and was resurrected by God as a spirit creature, and he returned to heaven. (1 Peter ) Study the Bible and find the truth !

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